Trail Camp to Portal

12,000 to 8,360  feet

August 17, 2003

Got up, packed and hit the trail at 8:00 a.m. Tried to eat a Cliff Bar this morning. The thing was like a rock. I gnawed on it for a while and gave up.

The trail down was nice. My pack was lighter (thanks Andrew). I took a lot of pictures on the way down. We made it to the Portal at 11:00. I ordered a huge burger and fries. According to the scale at the store, I lost 8 lbs on the trip. By the way, the burger tasted fantastic. I then bought a bunch of t-shirts and postcards. We then waited in line to get a shower at the Portal. It felt great to get clean. The showers were hot. The floor was kind of gross, but what do you expect when a bunch of grubby hikers are taking showers all day long.

We loaded up our cars, trying to get the stuff from our backpacks back into suitcases and duffel bags. Andrew and Kristina headed to LA. I did a few geocaches on the way out of town. Traffic on the way back was OK until the road became two lanes. The RVs really slowed things down. Made it to the airport way early. So I just lounged around and caught up on the news.

I flew the red eye flight back to Raleigh. I had to change planes in Vegas. It was cool to fly over and see all of the lights of the hotels on the strip. At the airport, I had enough time to loose $20.00 in the slots and video poker machines. The flight to RDU was on time and the best thing of all, my luggage made it!


Three happy campers


Cool tree

Mirror Lake


Waterfall at Outpost Camp

Lone Pine