Machame Camp to Shira Camp (7/28)

Starting Point (ft) Ending Point (ft) Elevation Gain (ft) Hiking Stats
Machame Camp (9,800) Shira Camp (12,460) 2,660 5 hours / 9 km


Clothing Worn Stuff in Backpack 
Patagonia Capilene LW Long Crew Gortex jacket and pants
Ex Officio Amphi  shorts 3 Nalgene 1 liter bottles
Hat Camera, GPS, and first aid supplies
  Light fleece jacket
  Lunch box


I slept good last night for about 2 hours. Then I kind of dozed. I seemed to be in a state between sleeping and just before you fall to sleep. Overall for a first night on the mountain I can't complain. I finally woke up about 6:30 am. Jamie was already up and out of bed. I do not  hear much when I sleep with my ear plugs and hat. It was a nice morning.  We were above the clouds. That is always a cool sight. Took care of bathroom business and started packing. About 7:00 am some porters came by with hot chocolate and coffee. I completed my packing and headed to breakfast. Boy are we eating good. For breakfast we had porridge, toast, peanut butter, jam, eggs, and link sausage.

After breakfast, we loaded up and headed for camp 2 at Shira. Today's trek was almost all uphill. Last night Allen said to conserve energy you should place your feet in a flat spot and walk softly. Kind of like the guy in the Kung Fu show where he walks on rice paper. The trail narrowed and was filled with porters and clients trucking up the mountain. We stopped a lot to let  them go by.

Finally we stopped for 15 minutes and let the rest of the porters pass us. It was cool to see the egg porters carrying big bunches of eggs in their cartons held together with string. We always cheered the egg porters when we saw them.

We are traveling in the heath zone today. Lots of trees with moss and cool white and yellow flowers called everlastings. They look like straw flowers. We had great views of the valley below. We could see the Machame Gate. Kilimanjaro was clear and looked awesome. There is not much snow/glaciers left. So upward we went.

We stopped at a nice flat spot for lunch. This spot was popular. Several groups were here. Some had tables and chairs set up for their lunch. We just sat on some rocks and enjoyed the views. Our lunch today had a veggie sandwich, juice box, hard boiled egg, tangerine, and chocolate bar. While we ate, we watched White Necked Ravens soaring around looking for hand outs and leftovers. 

After lunch, we hit the trail. We had more elevation to gain before camp. The pace is slow. Baby steps. One small step in front of the other with a slight pause/lock between steps. The trick is not to get your heart rate up or sweat. We finally popped over a ridge and descended into camp. My altimeter indicated we did 2,840 feet up and 290 feet down today. We hiked for about 5 hours. 

Unfortunately we did not get the primo camping spot. A group climbing the Arrow Glacier route was camping in the best spot last night and were staying tonight also. Our spot was still pretty good. It was not in the main pack of tents. There was a pretty good group here tonight. 

Our tents were set up prior to our arrival. This was always the case. The porters would zoom past us, get to camp, and have everything setup before we showed up. 

The weather was great again today. It was perfect trekking conditions today. At camp the wind picked up. A fine layer of dust was blowing around. As we were unloading our bags into our tents, the clouds rolled in and blocked our warm sun. The temperatures dropped quickly when we were in the clouds.

We were responsible for treating our own water on this trip. Allen had issues with the cleanliness of the communal treated water on  the last trip. So I went over to the water bucket and filled up my water bottles and treated the water. It was getting colder so I put on my long underwear bottoms and long pants.

We all assembled in our mess tent and were treated to hot chocolate, tea, and fresh roasted peanuts and ginger snaps. Allen told stories about climbing Acongcagua. After a while I decided to head back to my tent and rest. The sun was back out so it was roasting inside the tent. I did some journaling. I got so hot, I headed back to the mess tent to finish my journal entry. Susan, Nancy, and Mynan were playing spades.

Once again dinner was great. In fact every night dinner was great. Tonight we had cucumber soup (it tasted like the leak soup from last night), noodles, french beans (they were even crispy), and a different kind of meat stew. After dinner we sat around and talked about what was coming up tomorrow. Sounds like it will be a long day.

Once the sun went down, it got really cold. I had to break out the down parka. Yikes, and this is only day 2. How much colder will it get? Will I finally get to wear my fleece pants I bought for Mt. Rainier?

Mike told us about his Elbrus climb. Elbrus is in Russia and is the highest peak in Europe.  A few jokes were told. Finally talk about reality TV cleared the tent. Tea @ 7:00 am tomorrow.


More everlasting flowers

Susan enjoying lunch

Shawn and Fungi lunching

Mountain Stud 

Kili ???

Roy looking casual

Allen enjoying the view

Mt Meru

Another shot of Mt Meru

The crew (from AAI site)

Lichen ???

Mike and Ryan relaxing

White Neck Raven

Shira Camp

Camp for the night

The clouds moving in


All unpacked