Hanging @ the Mt. Village Lodge (8/7)

So I had an the day to kill hanging out at the Mountain Village Lodge.  Wouldn't you know it, on the day I could sleep late, I woke up around 7:00 am. I organized my gear and clothes for the trip home.  Later I headed over and had breakfast. 

At 11:00 am I took a guided hike around the lake the lodge overlooks. Along the way the guide showed me some of the coffee plants on the hotel grounds. The area around the lake is a  park. The lake is actually the remnants of a volcanic crater filled in with water. The center of the lake is over 500 feet deep. No fish live in the lake because of the chemical makeup of the soil from the volcano.  We had a nice hike. The guide was very informative. He pointed out wild mango trees. Apparently the fruit on the wild mangos is poisonous to humans, but OK for monkeys and other animals. The sap of the tree is used by the locals for treatment of cuts.

Along the lake we saw several monitor lizards on logs sunning themselves. We also saw many different birds.  We came upon a Masai and another guy who were living in a hut by the lake. We also passed a site where people come to camp by the lake on the weekends. 

Back at the Lodge I had time to relax and read my book. I had a late lunch and then did some last minute gift shopping.  Packing was easier going home than coming. I wasn't panicked about forgetting something.

This was a nice relaxing day.  It seemed odd to not be hanging out with the people from team Kili Time.  I am ready to go home.

Wild mangos

View of lodge from across lake

Hot poker

Papaya tree

Banana tree


Another banana tree

Poinsettia tree

View at Lodge