Arusha Game Drive (7/26)

I slept great until about 5:00 am. I then dozed on and off until 6:30. I didn't hear a peep from Jamie all night. He seemed to sleep pretty well. We met everyone at 7:30 for breakfast. I met the other two members of the team,  Mike (the dad) and Ryan. Ryan is 13 and the youngest member of our team. No one else seemed to have slept very good last night. Some complained of barking dogs. I didn't hear anything. 

Breakfast was a combination of buffet and eggs or pancakes brought out. I ordered scrambled eggs. The eggs here are very white, almost no yellow. Jason tried to order egg whites but the waiter did not understand him. 

After breakfast we met for an hour or so to go over the climb. We learned what gear we needed to bring on the mountain and what to leave in storage at the Mount Village. Allen also showed us how to back our dry bags that the porters would be carrying. We then had an hour to start getting our gear in order.

At 11:00 am we regrouped for a game drive in nearby Arusha National Park. We had two trucks for our group. I rode with Mynan, Nancy, Susan, Andy, and Allen. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the park. Right at the gate we saw giraffes. While stopped at the gate, the drivers raised the tops of the vehicles so we could stand up and look out.  Once registered, we proceeded down  a dirt road into the park. We saw a bunch of animals. Being in the lead car we saw a few animals the guys behind us did not see. In the park we saw giraffes,  cape ox, warthogs, bushbuck, dik-dik (smallest antelope) mongoose, flamingos, and zebra. Allen said this is just a small taste of what we will see when we go on safari after the climb. Along the way we stopped at a nice overlook for lunch.

After the game drive we returned to Mt. Village and finished packing for tomorrow. We met and had dinner at the hotel and then headed to bed. Breakfast is at 7:00 am tomorrow.



Mount Village Hotel

Room at hotel

View of lake from hotel

Halyconia at hotel

Lake at Mt. Village

Arusha National Park

Susan and Andy

Safari truck with top up


Monkeys in tree

More monkeys

The team at an overlook

The clouds clear over Kili

Flamingos in the lake

Me with Kili behind

Close up of skull

Team with Kili behind