Heli-Hiking Day 3


Karen and I got up early this morning and walked to the lake by the lodge. I took some nice reflection shots. We had a good breakfast and then we headed to the helicopter.  Today our guide was Jeremy. We hiked with a lot of people today.  We landed at  our hiking site and set off. Today we worked harder. We climbed up a hill and then down the other side into a valley. Along the way  we spotted an animal foot print in the mud. We think it might have been an elk. We then walked up a meadow and Jeremy showed us where mining took place in the area. Miners were looking for gold, but didn't find any. We saw one the tailings from a copper  mine. Further down the way we stopped and Jeremy showed us where miners dug a test hole. We continued hiking and found a bone. We examined the bone and moved on.  We ended our hike at the bottom of the meadow. There was a nice overlook here. The helicopter picked us up and delivered us to the lunch site.

The lunch site was unbelievable, We landed on a rock knoll overlooking a glacier. Here CMH had picnic  tables, benches, and a grill setup. For lunch they were grilling hamburgers, buffalo burgers, brats, and venison sausage. We found a nice spot and enjoyed our lunch. It was a spectacular setting. After lunch we hiked up from the lunch spot to see an even bigger glacier. 

All of the kids were tired of hiking and wanted to go back to the lodge. Wyatt and Karen went back. So there were 6 adults now hiking with Jeremy. We loaded up and went to a new spot. We circled a bit and then ended landing on a  ridge. Jeremy said we were going to land at the peak at the top of the ridge, but the previous group was still standing at the landing site. This was good news for me. Finally a little bit of elevation. We had a nice hike up to the peak. We sat around the peak for a bit and soaked up the views.

We then followed the ridgeline down and observed a topaz blue lake. The color of the lake were brilliant. More hiking and and went up another peak. We then went to a landing site and waited for our pickup.

The helicopter came and picked us up. The lodge was fairly close. The pilot banked the helicopter and did a couple of spiraling turns to loose altitude.

Back at the lodge, the kids went into the kitchen and made their own pizzas for dinner. Karen and Wyatt also enjoyed the hot tub.

For dinner tonight they had a kids table. Some of the guides also sat at the table. Everyone had on crazy hair or hats. For desert the kids had make your own sundae.

The adults had Halibut for dinner. After dinner they had a bonfire by the lake. We went over there and hung out for a bit.


Early morning by the lake

Sunrise from the lodge



Start of our hiking

Animal footprint

Tailings from old mine


Exploratory dig


Look a bone!




Waiting for helicopter


Self portrait

Jeremy our guide

Peter and Matt

Lunch spot by glaciers



Wyatt in Eric pose


Glacier near lunch spot


They used to have lunch on this glacier

Me eating again. Wyatt has to stop taking these shots


Waiting for helicopter


These guys think of everything

Room with a view

Start post lunch hike

Up the ridge  we go


More ridge hiking


Blue lake


Kid's dinner

Kids with funny hair

Jeremy and Bob


Bucket head?

Make you own sundae


Panoramic shot


Panoramic shot