Heli-Hiking Day 2


Day two arrived early for me. I was up and watched the sunrise behind the lodge. We had a hearty breakfast. Deb was our guide today. Also in our group today were Eric and Nancy. We were on the first flight out again. After breakfast we  ran back to our room and quickly gathered everything and headed to the landing pad.

We were dropped off on a cliff overlooking magnificent mountains and valleys. Eric is a travel writer and photographer. He had Wyatt be his model and stand wearing Eric's jacket. For his modeling fee Eric gave Wyatt a chocolate bar.

We worked our  way up a meadow. Deb was a great guide. She was a walking encyclopedia of everything we saw. If she didn't know something, she would whip out one of her many books and cards to identify the plants we were looking at. Eric took lots of pictures and asked lots of interesting questions. This helped establish a nice slow pace that suited everyone.

After hiking to and over a waterfall, the helicopter picked us up and we flew to another site for hiking.

After hiking a bit,  we took the helicopter to a lunch spot. We had packed a lunch at breakfast. Several other groups flew in to the same spot for lunch. After lunch Wyatt and I played in a nearby snow patch.

We then flew to another spot. We hiked a bit and eventually came to an nice spot by a lake. There were nice reflections off the lake. We then hiked down a meadow and back to the lodge we flew.  Wyatt was the only kid that hiked all day.

At the lodge Wyatt played ping-pong with a Japanese friend. His friend spoke no English and Wyatt no Japanese. They still had a blast.

For dinner we had a Caesar salad, venison, and chocolate cake. Wyatt was pooped and went to bed.

They opened the 3 story climbing wall. Everyone lined the stairwell to cheer on the climbers. I did it twice and had a blast.

I went to the room about 10 and Wyatt woke up and wanted to do something. We played chess by the bar and then went to the roof top hot tub. We soaked for a while and headed to bed around 11:30. It was still light!


Ready to go


Wyatt modeling for Eric

Deb and Wyatt

Helicopter ready to go

Eric and Nancy

Ted the pilot

Yummy lunch

Flying to the next spot

Nice cornice

Deb, super guide



Dining room


Mt. Lion killed by porcupine