Banff Day 3


Our last day in Banff was busy. First we took the Banff gondola to the top a mountain. The view from the top was nice. We hiked over a boardwalk to a weather station they have a the top. We grabbed a snack at the top and took one more lap around the main building. We came across a couple of mountain goats. Surprisingly we saw very little wildlife on this trip. We did not see any Elk or Moose.

We then drove back towards Calgary to go whitewater rafting. We found a rafting company that went on a pretty gentle river where young kids could ride on the raft. Wyatt was bummed that he could not paddle. We got suited up with wet suits, life vests, and helmets. We were on a raft where six people can paddle. Wyatt got to ride in the middle of the raft. The river is dam controlled. When they turn off the water, the river goes virtually dry. On the upper section of the river, there were man made rapids. The rapids were small but fun. Most were class twos. Midway through the trip, the rapids ended. So we floated down and did a lot of splashing of the other rafts. Wyatt was defenseless since he did not have a paddle.

Late that afternoon we had to go back and feed the squirrels. They climbed over Wyatt and did tricks for some yummy fruit and nuts. Wyatt could have spent all day there.

Dinner again was Ramen. Hey, if it's good for Naruto, it's got to be good for us. We then roamed around Banff and picked up the last of our souvenirs.