Banff Day 2


Today we went to the Columbia ice fields. It took us a little over two hours driving time to reach them. The ice fields are in Japer National Park. Along the way we stopped at this lodge and got a snack. Someone had recommended the green tea ice cream. The ice create came in a small block. It was very interesting tasting and green in color. Not sweet like most ice cream but very filling.

We arrived at the ice fields and got our tickets. At the time specified you load a bus to drive up to the snow coaches. At the snow coach area we queued. Our coach  was painted with the Coke logo. These coaches are specially designed to traverse the ice fields.

On our way up the driver pointed out the various moraines and crevasses.  We were driving on the Columbia ice field which is part of the Athabasca Glacier.   We were only seeing one small tongue of the glacier. 

Question: Do you know  what the continental divide is?

Answer: All water that runs off the mountains either runs east to the Atlantic and the water to the west to the Pacific. 

This area has a triple divide. One of only two in the world. Water flows east to the Atlantic, west to the Pacific, and north to the Artic.

We traveled to a spot that was cleared. We got out and got to explore the area. We were able to collect some glacier water. As you would expect, it was icy cold. The driver said it was like a fountain of youth elixir.  I told Wyatt to be careful, he might be back in diapers if he drinks too much.

It was very windy on the glacier. We learned the glacier creates it's own wind. 

We got back on the snow coach and traced our steps back. At the main center we bought souvenirs and headed home.

Tonight we had dinner at a local pub and roamed around downtown Banff.